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Reference: MAW000602

Sherman Welding torch MB-14 EINHELL

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Length 2.5 m Catalog number MAW000602 Current load 140 A Range of wire diameters 0.6-1.0mm Protective gas flow 10 - 18l / min Type of cooling - shielding gas

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Reference: MAW000111B

Sherman Welding torch MB-15

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Catalog number: MAW000111BCurrent capacity in duty cycle X 60 (A): 160Diameter range of the electrode wire (mm): 0.8 - 2.4Cooling type: shielding gasProtective gas flow rate (l / min): 10 - 18

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Reference: UMIGTEC

Weldman Welding torch SR26 TIG 4m

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Length: 4m Operating cycle 35% AC: 160 Work cycle 35% DC: 200 Diameters of electrodes: 1.0 - 3.2mm Cooling type: shielding gas Gas flow: 10 - 20l / min Plug type: 35-50mm Control connection: 5-PIN

Price €89.00
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