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TIG non-burning tungsten electrodes. Used for TIG DC and TIG AC / DC welding. The electrodes are made of tungsten and tungsten alloys with appropriate additives. Depending on the composition, the electrodes are intended for welding various metals using DC (direct current) - welding of stainless steel, copper, or alternating (AC) - welding of aluminum, magnesium. TIG electrodes are marked with appropriate colors to facilitate their recognition and purpose.

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Reference: SET10-WT20-10

10x Red Tungsten Electrodes WT-20 175mm

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Welding: low-alloyed, high-alloyed steels, copper alloys, nickel, titanium Available diameters [mm]: 1,0 / 1,6 / 2,0 / 2,4 / 3,2 The length of the electrode [mm]: 175 Composition: 98% Tungsten, 2% Tor Made according to standards: DIN / EN 26848

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