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50x Discs for cutting metal 125x1x22,2 InterVis


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Metal cutting discs have synthetic resin bonded abrasive and reinforced with fiberglass cloth. Extremely durable alumina abrasive grains are responsible for high metal cutting efficiency and ensure extended tool life.

The blades are designed for fast cutting of structural steel, stainless steel, sheet metal, pipes, profiles. 1.0 mm thick INOX blades are intended for quick cutting of thin sheets, thin-walled profiles.

INTER VIS POLSKA blades are known for their reliability and longevity. Unlike many available on the market, they are characterized by very high quality and durability, thanks to which they are recognized by many professionals. High durability cutting blade for acid resistant steel.

Technical data:

  • Thickness - 1.0 mm
  • The outer diameter is 125 mm
  • Inner diameter - 22.23 mm
  • Maximum rotation speed - 12,200 rpm
  • Shape - flat
  • High cutting performance
  • The discs meet the standards - MPA 11008 and PN-EN 12413
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