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Welder Fantasy PERFECT Bi-Pulse 351 4x4

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Brand: Welder Fantasy Welding methods: MIG, MIG PULSE, FLUX, TIG LIFT, MMA | Power supply: 3 ~ 400 V Welding current:  350A Efficiency:  30% |


  • Welder Fantasy PERFECT BI-PULSE 351 power source,
  • MIG / MAG welding holder 5m MB36 EURO,
  • CO2 / AR gas reducer
  • teflon wire feeder cartridge,
  • steel wire feeder insert,
  • 2 steel rolls 1.0 - 1.2 mm,
  • 2 rollers for aluminum 1.0 - 1.2 mm,
  • 4 contact tips,
  • 3m mass cable,
  • 3m electrode cable,
  • warranty card

The Welder Fantasy PERFECT BI-PULSE 351 device is a modern, synergistic inverter source offering many possibilities in the performance of welding works.

Its main advantages are the possibility of welding with the use of single or double pulsation current in MIG or MAG mode and the possibility of using synergic settings.

Reliability and a wide range of applications of the devices make them satisfy even the most demanding users.

Welder Fantasy PERFECT BI-PULSE 351 multifunction inverter semi-automatic welding machine, equipped with a 4-roll wire feeder, is designed for manual arc welding of metals and metal alloys using the following methods:

  • TIG DC + / DC-
  • TIG PULS DC + / DC-
  • TIG AC
  • MMA

Intuitive, easy-to-use control panel with color display allows you to quickly set all the most important welding parameters. The user can choose one of five menu languages, including Polish . Thanks to the synergic settings, it is possible to automatically adjust welding parameters to the diameter of the welding wire as well as the thickness and type of material.

The device has smooth voltage and current regulation and is equipped with an overload thermal protection system that protects against excessive heating of the integrated circuits.

Thanks to the use of modern IGBT technology and high-quality components, Welder Fantasy PERFECT BI-PULSE 351 devices are ideally suited for professional welding works in industries such as automotive, metal structures and many others.


Modern technology based on bipolar transistors with an insulated gate. It combines the ease of control of field effect transistors with a high breakdown voltage and the switching speed of bipolar transistors.

The use of IGBT technology significantly extends the reliable operation of welding equipment.


Automatic adjustment of welding parameters such as voltage, arc intensity and wire feed speed. The device automatically selects welding parameters depending on the wire diameter, thickness and type of material.


Gas-shielded arc welding is one of the most commonly used processes for the production of welded structures. The semi-automatic welding process consists in fusing the edges of the workpiece and the material of the consumable electrode by the heat of an electric arc glowing between the electrode in the form of a solid wire and the workpiece being welded, in an inert or active gas shield.


An advanced form of welding that uses the best forms of transfer of the molten electrode material to the workpiece.

Unlike short circuits, pulse welding does not produce spatter or risk a cold 'run-in'.

Pulse welding positions are not limited as they are derivatives of globular or spray molds and their use is much more efficient. Thanks to the cooling of the spray arc process, pulsed MIG is able to extend the range of welding, and the lower heat input does not cause problems with burning through thin materials.

MIG PULSE is one of the best welding processes for a wide variety of metal applications and types.


By welding with the MIG / MAG method with a double pulse, we obtain a high level of face appearance (scale effect).

In addition, the use of automatic wire feeding affects the welding performance. The MIG / MAG method with double pulse allows you to adjust the pulsation of the current (pulse balance) and to adjust the wire feed speed.

Thanks to this, we improve the appearance of the weld. During MIG / MAG welding with double pulse, the current pulses occur in two ranges. The sequencing of our devices automatically combines two levels of pulses: hot and cold.

The benefits of using the MIG MAG method with double pulse are:

  • Welding with the MIG / MAG method with double pulse is faster than with the TIG method.
  • Welding with the MIG / MAG method with double pulse achieves high aesthetics like the TIG method.
  • Welding with the MIG / MAG method with double pulse causes less deformation than with the TIG method.


Thanks to the polarity reversal function, it is possible to weld without shielding gas with FCAW self-shielding wire.

It is a method with the use of a self-shielding flux-cored wire for welding (in all positions) steel of normal and increased strength, not exceeding 510 MPa.

Self-shielding wire can be used in single-layer and multi-layer welding processes, using power sources with both flat and falling characteristics. The wire is intended for general production works, also in field conditions, and for welding structures that do not require impact strength. DC welding current (-).


Inert gas welding with a tungsten electrode. The use of this method enables welding of all types of steel, i.e. carbon, alloy, stainless, acid-resistant steel, as well as copper alloys, e.g. bronze or brass.


A covered electrode method consisting of a metal core covered with a sheath. The welder feeds the electrode as it fuses to the workpiece so as to maintain the arc of a constant length and simultaneously moves its melting end along the welding line. The device allows welding with all types of electrodes, e.g. alkaline, cellulose, rutile or acid.


The VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) function available in MMA mode. This module reduces the idle voltage of the device's secondary circuit. Increases safety and reduces the risk of electric shock. The function turns the welding power off and on when the resistance between the electrode tips - welded element is measured during welding.


Properly selected welding inductance reduces the amount of spatter. It depends on the diameter of the welding wire, the shielding gas used, the amperage and the welding position. Reducing the inductance makes the arc more stable and focused, while increasing the inductance produces a smoother pool and reduces spatter. Correctly selected, it is characterized by a stable arc, even transfer of liquid metal droplets, maintaining a constant size of the weld pool and a characteristic repetitive sound without splashes and explosions.


Time welding function, used for tacking workpieces, thanks to which it is possible to obtain equal length of welds.

Braze welding

The device enables brazing, mainly used in the automotive industry to join galvanized sheets together.


  • 2T - two-stroke,
  • 4T - four-stroke,
  • SPOT - spot welding.


Adjustment of the shielding gas flow time before welding,


Adjustment of the time of shielding gas flow after welding,


Function that facilitates the start of welding. At the moment of arc ignition, the welding current is temporarily increased in order to heat the material and the electrode at the contact point and to properly shape the penetration and the weld face in the initial stage of welding.


Arc stabilization function by maintaining the voltage of the welding arc regardless of its length and facilitating control of the amount of spatter.


  • Supply voltage [V]: 3 ~ 400
  • Frequency [Hz]: 50
  • Security [A]: 20
  • Power consumption [kVA]: 13.9
  • Power factor cosφ: 0.93
  • Power cord diameter [mm2]: 4G 2.5


  • MMA welding current range [A]: 30 - 300
  • TIG welding current range [A]: 10 - 300
  • Welding current range MIG / MAG [A]: 40 - 350
  • MMA output voltage [V]: VRD 13.6 / 79
  • TIG output voltage [V]: 10.4 - 22
  • MIG / MAG output voltage [V]: 16 - 32
  • Efficiency: 30% 350 A 60% 250 A / 100% 194 A.
  • Welding wire diameter [mm]: 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2
  • Feeder type: 4R PROF.
  • Wire spool diameter / weight: 200mm, 5kg / 300mm, 15kg


  • Insulation class: F.
  • Housing protection class: IP21
  • Weight [kg]: 44
  • Dimensions, height / width / length [mm]: 810/510/800
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