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Sherman DIGIMIG 360GDS

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Sherman DIGIMIG 360GDS
Sherman DIGIMIG 360GDS

The synergistic DIGIMIG 360GDS welder is used for manual welding of steel and non-ferrous metals. It allows welding with MMA (coated electrode), TIG Lift and MIG / MAG methods. The MIG / MAG method can be used in manual and synergic mode, simplifying its operation and allowing the welding machine to be used by people with less experience and hobbyists. Due to the change of polarity, the device allows welding with the MIG / MAG method using both standard wires in a protective gas shield and self-shielding flux-cored wires.

The welder allows you to connect a Spool Gun (SG) with a mini wire feeder and a D100 spool of steel or colored wire.

During MMA welding, it is possible to adjust the ARC FORCE, HOT START functions and enable / disable the ANTI STICK and VRD functions. During MIG / MAG welding, it is possible to adjust the inductance, gas pre-flow and post-flow as well as wire burn-back time and voltage.

The welder is used in closed or roofed rooms, not exposed to direct weather conditions.


  • Supply voltage [V]: AC 400 50Hz
  • Welding methods: MIG, MMA, Lift TIG, braze welding
  • Manufacturing technology: IGBT
  • Welding current [A]: MIG: 360, MMA: 360, TIG: 360
  • Duty cycle [%]: 60
  • Max. current consumption [A]: 20.2 (MIG) / 21.7 (MMA) / 15.4 (TIG)
  • Max. power consumption [kVA]: 14 (MIG) / 15.1 (MMA) / 10.6 (TIG)
  • Welding current control: Smooth
  • Wed spool with wire [mm]: 200, 300
  • Speed wire feed [m / min]: 1.5 - 24
  • Weight [kg]: 80
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 928 x 427 x 712


  • Digital control,
  • Arc Force,
  • Hot Start, 2T / 4T,
  • VRD,
  • TIG Lift,
  • Rising current,
  • Current drop,
  • Inductance regulation,
  • Adjustable gas pre-flow and post-flow time,
  • Welding without gas,
  • 4-roll feeder,
  • Spool Gun option,
  • Manual MIG,
  • MMA,
  • TIG Lift,
  • Welding without gas,
  • Spot welding
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ESAB OK GoldRox 1kg 6013

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