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Welder Fantasy Best MIG 231 4x4

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Welder Fantasy Best MIG 231 4x4
Welder Fantasy Best MIG 231 4x4


Brand: Welder Fantasy | Welding methods: MIG, MMA, TIG LIFT | Power supply: AC 230V / 50Hz | Welding current : 200A | Efficiency: 60% |


  • BEST MIG 231 4x4 welder,
  • MIG / MAG MB15 welding torch 3m EURO with the possibility of turning the torch 360 °,
  • 2m mass cable,
  • 2m electrode cable,
  • 2 pcs of rolls of steel V-0.8-1.0
  • 2 rollers for aluminum U1.0-1.2,
  • Teflon cartridge of the feeder.
  • Instructions in Polish and warranty card.

Welder Fantasy BEST MIG 231 4x4 is a modern, synergistic inverter source offering many possibilities for welding works. Reliability and a wide range of applications of the devices make them satisfy even the most demanding users.

Its main advantages are the possibility of welding with the use of single or double pulsation current in MIG or MAG mode and the possibility of using synergic settings .

The multifunctional, inverter semi-automatic welding machine BEST MIG 231 4x4 with a four-roll wire feeder is designed for manual arc welding of metals and metal alloys using the following methods:

  • MIG / MAG with double pulse option,
  • MIG / MAG with single pulse option,
  • MIG / MAG - continuous welding in synergic mode,
  • FCAW - welding with self-shielding wire,
  • Braze welding,
  • SPOT - MIG / MAG spot welding,
  • TIG lift pulse - TIG DC welding with pulse,
  • TIG lift - TIG DC welding,
  • MMA - welding with a coated electrode.

Thanks to the MIG / MAG torch with 360 ° rotating torch, it is possible to weld in hard-to-reach places.

The intuitive, easy-to-use control panel allows you to quickly set all the most important welding parameters. Thanks to the synergic settings, it is possible to automatically select such welding parameters,

The device has smooth voltage and current adjustment and is equipped with an overload thermal protection system that protects against excessive heating of the integrated circuits.

In order to increase the comfort of work and reduce the noise level, the fan turns on automatically instead of working continuously after switching on the device.

Thanks to the use of modern IGBT technology and high-quality components, the BEST MIG 231 4x4 devices are ideal for professional welding works in such industries as automotive, metal structures and many others.

IGBT technology - is a modern technology based on bipolar transistors with an insulated gate. It combines the ease of control of field effect transistors with a high breakdown voltage and the switching speed of bipolar transistors. The use of IGBT technology significantly extends the reliable operation of welding equipment.

MIG / MAG - Gas-shielded arc welding is one of the most commonly used processes for the production of welded structures. The semi-automatic welding process consists in fusing the edges of the workpiece and the consumable electrode material with the heat of an electric arc glowing between the electrode in the form of a solid wire and the workpiece, in an inert or active gas shield.

MIG PULSE - an advanced form of welding that uses the best forms of transfer of the molten electrode material to the workpiece. Unlike short circuits, pulse welding does not produce spatter or risk a cold 'run-in'.

Thanks to the cooling of the spray arc process, pulsed MIG is able to extend the range of welding, and the lower heat input does not cause a problem with burning through thin materials. MIG PULSE is one of the best welding processes for a wide variety of metal applications and types.

DOUBLE PULSE MIG The MIG / MAG method with double pulse allows you to adjust the pulsation of the current (pulse balance) and to adjust the speed of the wire feeding. Thanks to this, we improve the appearance of the weld. During MIG / MAG welding with double pulse, current pulses occur in two ranges. The sequencing system of our devices automatically combines two levels of pulses: hot and cold.

AUTO - synergic settings - automatic adjustment of welding parameters such as voltage and intensity of the welding arc and the speed of the wire feeder. With one knob, the user regulates all the mentioned parameters simultaneously.

TIG DC LIFT-ARC - In the TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) method, the electric arc is struck in an inert gas (argon) shield between the welded element and a non-consumable electrode made of pure tungsten or tungsten with additives.

TIG DC PULS LIFT-ARC - the arc is struck by contact of the electrode with the material to be welded, the pulse function allows you to weld thin elements by periodically changing the current intensity.

MMA - a method in which a coated electrode is used, consisting of a metal core covered with a cover. The device allows welding with all types of electrodes, e.g. basic, cellulose, rutile or acid.

HOT START - a function that facilitates the start of welding in MMA mode. At the moment of arc ignition, the welding current is temporarily increased in order to heat the material and the electrode at the point of contact and to properly shape the penetration and the weld face in the initial stage of welding.

ARC FORCE - increasing or decreasing the length of the welding arc depending on the distance between the electrode and the material being welded.

BRAZING  After selecting the type of CuSi wire, the device enables braze welding, mainly used in the automotive industry to join galvanized sheets together.

REGULATION OF INDUCTION - A properly selected welding inductance helps to reduce the amount of spatter. Reducing the inductance makes the arc more stable and concentrated.

THE WORK CYCLE is based on a 10-minute period. 60% means that after 6 minutes of operation, a 4-minute break is required. Duty cycle of 100% means that the device can work continuously without interruption

SPOT WELDING SPOT - time welding function, used for tacking details, thanks to which you can obtain equal length of welds.

MIG / MAG SPOT WELDING CSPOT - continuous spot welding mode that allows you to set the time intervals between welds

BURN BACK - a function that prevents the electrode wire from sticking to the contact tip by temporarily ejecting the wire after the welding process is finished. The device allows you to set the burn back time in the range of -90 - 90%.

PRE GAS - control of the shielding gas flow time before welding in the range of 0 - 10s.

POST GAS - regulation of the time of shielding gas flow after welding in the range of 0.1 - 50 s

HOTL / ENDL - setting the value of the increased arc voltage at the start and the value of the final current, i.e. crater filling.

PULSE FREQUENCY - frequency with which the value of the current pulse changes between the welding current and the base current in the range of 0.5 - 5Hz.

REGULATION OF THE PULSE CYCLE  in the range of 20 - 80%,

REGULATION OF PULSE MODULATION  in the range of 5 - 50%,

4 ROLLER WIRE FEEDER - Professional feeder made of die-cast aluminum, has a powerful motor that allows for stable wire feeding without jamming. It is equipped with 4 drive rollers.

It is designed for heavy duty work and longer handles than plastic feeders that cannot handle 4 or 5 meter handles.

2T - pressing the button in the handle of the handle turns on the ionizer and ignites the arc. Welding is carried out with the button pressed.

4T - pressing the button in the handle of the handle will turn on the ionizer and ignition of the arc, then release the button and start welding with the released button. Pressing the button again will stop welding

S2T - non -latched special - after pressing the button, gas will flow at the time set by the user and the welding arc will be ignited. The starting arc voltage will be increased and will drop to the basic welding current within the set time.

When the button is released, the intensity drops to the final current value. The arc will then extinguish and shielding gas will flow at the preset time.

S4T - special four- cycle - after pressing and releasing the button, gas will flow out at the time set by the user and the welding arc will be ignited . The starting arc voltage will be increased and will drop to the basic welding current within the set time.

When the button is pressed and released again, the intensity drops to the final current value. The arc will then extinguish and shielding gas will flow at the preset time.

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ESAB OK GoldRox 1kg 6013

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