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Spartus EasyTIG 208P AC/DC

VAT included

 is a digitally controlled inverter welding machine, constructed on the basis of IGBT transistors. It enables welding with TIG AC / DC and MMA AC / DC methods. It is powered from a single-phase 230V network.

Easy-to-use digital function panel provides instant access to all advanced functions of the welding machine.

EasyTIG 208P AC / DC enables arc ignition in two methods: TIG HF (thanks to high frequency) and TIG Lift (by rubbing). The TIG parameters graph on the panel allows for full adjustment:

  • gas flow time before and after welding
  • rise and fall time

In addition, the built-in pulse welding function (frequency 0.5 - 200Hz) allows you to adjust: base current, pulse current, pulse frequency - parameters necessary when connecting thin sheets.

Depending on the welder's preferences, EasyTIG 208P AC / DC can work in the 2T or 4T mode.

EasyTIG 208P AC / DC will prove useful when welding aluminum, thanks to the smooth balance adjustment in the range of 10 -99%.

The MMA AC / DC coated electrode welding process is supported by the Arc Force and Hot Start functions.

EasyTIG 208P AC / DC is an ideal device for production and service works.

Examples of applications: renovation works in the field, workshop works, maintenance, structures.


  • Supply voltage: ~ 1 × 230V ± 10% 50/60 Hz
  • TIG welding current: AC 10 - 200A / DC 10 - 170A
  • TIG duty cycle: AC 35% / DC 40%
  • Pre-gas: 0 - 2s
  • Post-gas: 0 - 10s
  • Up-slope time: 0 - 10s
  • Current down-slope time: 0 - 10s
  • TIG Puls: yes
  • Pulse current: AC 10 - 200A / DC 10 - 170A
  • Pulse Width: 5 - 95%
  • Pulse frequency: 0.5 - 200Hz
  • AC current frequency: 60Hz
  • AC waveform: rectangular
  • AC balance: 10 - 99%
  • 2T / 4T working mode: yes
  • Arc ignition: HF
  • Control: control in the UP & DOWN handle, control in the potentiometer
  • MMA welding current: AC 10 - 170A / DC 10 - 170A
  • Arc Force: yes
  • Hot Start: yes
  • Idle voltage: 79V
  • Current consumption: TIG DC 28A / TIG AC 33A / MMA DC 41A / MMA AC 39A
  • Power factor (cosφ): 0.6
  • Efficiency η: 85%
  • Insulation class: H.
  • Protection degree: IP21S
  • Weight: 8.7kg
  • Dimensions: 450 x 135 x 230mm
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ESAB OK GoldRox 1kg 6013

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