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Sherman DIGITIG 206P AC/DC Inverter welder

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Brand: SHERMAN Welding methods: TIG AC / DC, MMA Power supply: 230V Welding current: 200A Efficiency: 40% |

DIGITIG 206P AC / DC is used for manual direct and alternating current welding of structural steels with coated electrodes ( MMA method ) and quality steels and non-ferrous metals with a non-consumable electrode in an inert gas shield ( TIG method ).

In the design and construction of the device, the latest achievements in PWM technology (pulse width modulation) and IGBT modules (bipolar transistors with an insulated gate) were used, which resulted in the fact that the welder is characterized by small dimensions and low weight.

DIGITIG 206P AC / DC is equipped with ionization arc ignition.

It has the functions of ARC FORCE, current rise and fall, gas pre-flow and post-flow and the ability to adjust the pulse parameters.

The device is also equipped with intelligent overload, overvoltage and thermal protections. If the previously described events occur, the alarm diode on the front panel will light up and the welding current will be turned off. This leads to the self-protection of the device and extends its service life.


  • Supply voltage AC 230V 50Hz
  • Maximum power consumption MMA: 6.6 kVA, TIG: 4.2 kVA
  • Rated welding current / MMA duty cycle: 160 A / 40% TIG 200 A / 40%
  • Nominal no-load voltage 60 V
  • Maximum current consumption MMA: 30 A, TIG 30 A
  • Network protection 16 A.
  • Weight 14 kg
  • Dimensions 420 x 170 x 350 mm
  • Protection degree IP21S


  • Gas pre-flow 0.1 - 10 s
  • Gas post-flow 0.5 - 15 s
  • Upslope 0 - 10 s
  • Current downslope 0 - 15 s
  • Starting current 5 - 160 A.
  • Welding current MMA: 10 -160 A TIG: 5-200 A
  • Base current 5 - 200 A.
  • Crater current 5 - 200 A.
  • Pulse frequency 0.2 - 200 Hz
  • Pulse duration 10 - 90%
  • AC frequency 20 - 250 Hz
  • 15 AC balance - 85%
  • ARC FORCE 0 - 40 A.
  • Spot welding time 0.5 - 10 s


  • PWM - pulse width modulation
  • HF - tungsten electrode welding in a protective gas shield with a pilot arc (non-contact)
  • 2T / 4T operating mode - in the 2T / 4T mode, pressing the switch in the handle of the handle will turn on the ionizer and ignite the arc. Welding is carried out with the switch pressed. Releasing the switch will stop welding. In the four-tact mode, pressing the switch in the handle of the handle will turn on the ionizer and the arc ignition should then be released and welding with the released switch. Pressing the switch again will stop welding.
  • Current Ramp - the time in which the current build-up occurs on the value of the initial current value of the welding current
  • Downslope - time of welding current downslope to the crater current
  • Welding with pulse (adjustable pulse frequency)
  • IGBT technology - the basis for the construction of the electric energy conversion system of the welding machine are electronic systems made in IGBT technology enabling operation in the frequency range above 200 kHz
  • Adjusting the gas pre-flow time - the time from pressing the button in the handle of the handle and opening the gas valve until the arc is struck
  • Gas post flow time adjustment - the time from the arc extinction to the closing of the gas valve to shield the solidifying weld pool from air and to cool the tungsten electrode.
  • Welding with alternating current AC / DC
  • Parameter display
  • MMA - the possibility of welding with a coated electrode
  • ARC FORCE allows you to adjust the dynamics of the welding arc. Shortening the arc length is accompanied by an increase in the welding current, which stabilizes the arc. Reducing the value results in a soft arc and a smaller fusion depth, while increasing the value results in deeper penetration and the possibility of short arc welding. With a high value of the ARC FORCE function, you can weld with the minimum arc length and high electrode melting speed
  • Spot welding - In the spot welding mode, the source operation is controlled as in the non-active mode, after the set welding time has elapsed, welding will be stopped automatically. It enables to obtain small spot welds.


  • Sherman 206P AC / DC welder
  • Welding holder T-26 / 4m
  • Mass cable - 3m
  • Consumable parts in the toolbox
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Sherman DIGITIG 206P AC/DC Inverter welder

Sherman DIGITIG 206P AC/DC Inverter welder

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