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Sherman DIGITIG 315 AC/DC MULTIPRO - welding set

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The digital welder DIGITIG 315 AC / DC MULTIPRO is the latest generation device designed for professional use. It is made in IGBT technology and equipped with digital control. It is used for manual TIG HF and TIG Lift welding of steel and non-ferrous metals with direct and alternating current. The device is equipped with the option of MMA welding (coated electrode).

The welder enables full digital regulation and control of the welding parameters of the arc and pulse characteristics as well as the selection of the AC waveform. It has HF ignition, ARC FORCE function, 2T / 4T switch and welding current display and memory sets. The device has the memory of the last settings, i.e. after turning it off and on again, the last set parameters are restored. It is also possible to save 20 sets of pulse and welding current parameter settings. The set includes a liquid-cooled TIG welding torch, an electrode cable and a ground cable.

To cool the welding torch, the WS-7L efficient cooler dedicated to this welding machine is attached. In the construction of the cooler, components of the proven WRC-300B cooler were used, the reconstruction and the fluid reservoir were changed. The use of a heat exchanger built on a copper coil and a stainless steel pump significantly increase the cooling efficiency and extend the life of the device. The whole thing is built on a stable trolley, with a very practical shelf for accessories and tools as well as hangers for the handle and welding cables.


  • Supply voltage [V]  AC 3x400 50Hz
  • Welding methods  TIG AC / DC, MMA
  • IGBT manufacturing technology
  • Tension without load. [V]  67
  • Max. current consumption [A]  TIG: 315, MMA: 280
  • Max. power consumption [kVA]  TIG: 8.3 / MMA: 8.2
  • Welding current regulation  Smooth
  • Gas pre-flow [s]  0.1-15
  • Gas post flow [s]  0.1-15
  • Slope of current [s]  0-15
  • The current will drop [s]  0-15
  • Initial current [A]  5-315
  • Base current [A]  10-90% of the welding current
  • Crater current [A]  5-315
  • Pulse frequency [Hz]  0.5-999
  • Pulse Duration [%]  10-90
  • AC frequency [Hz]  1-250
  • AC balance [%]  15-50
  • Current amplitude [%]  ---
  • ARC FORCE [A]  0-100
  • Cooling liquid pressure [MPa]  0.3
  • Cooling liquid flow [l / min]  8.0
  • Tank capacity [l]  8
  • Weight [kg]  91
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]  1040 x 700 x 1220


  • Digital control,
  • HF,
  • Arc Force,
  • 2T / 4T,
  • Rising current,
  • Current drop,
  • Pulse,
  • Adjustable gas pre-flow and post-flow time,
  • Electrode cleaning function,
  • Welding current frequency adjustment,
  • Welding with alternating current,
  • Settings memory,
  • Parameter display,
  • Memory display
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